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About Us

“SPLENDOUR HOSPITALITY” is a conception of a team of hotel consultants and experts formulated to venture into marketing of mid-market segment hotels in the Indian hospitality landscape. The company is managed by Sales & hotel professionals with extensive experience in the hospitality industry.

With a range of Hotels at various destinations in India, “Splendour Hospitality” aims to provide widespread resources for the business traveler, corporate meetings, conferences and planning of all special events.

Our vision is to become a professional Hotel Marketing company in the country, providing the highest standard of customer satisfaction and returns to owners, in all the mid-market brand segment of the hotel industry.

Under this mission we

  • Create hotel products that offer the highest standards and sense of value for money to our guests, and generate superior returns for the owners.
  • Create management and operating systems that ensure consistently high standards and ever improving performance of the franchised hotels for greater profitability.
  • Shall provide an extensive sales and marketing network through our other Sales Offices & network of Sub Agents.
  • Promote and propagate growth of the Tourism and Travel Industry in India.
  • This submission outlines the projected strength of “Splendour Hospitality”, incorporating the decentralized profit orientated management philosophy which has consistently produced the best possible returns to hotel owners and the highest levels of guest satisfaction.